Freekeh Mexican Bowl

Freekeh (free-kah) is the new superfood grain. Lately I’ve been seeing it everywhere, so I thought I would try it. Freekah is an ancient grain derived from durum wheat and typically found in North African dishes. Although freekeh is not gluten per say, it is tolerable for people who suffer from gluten intolerances due to being harvested early and undergoing high temperature in its cooking process.

Freekeh isn’t just fun to say, it’s also super good for you! Per serving (1/2 cup) freekeh only has 130 calories, 6g protein, 4g fibre, 26g carbohydrates and only 1g of fat! Freekeh is also high in micronutrients such as niacin, magnesium, manganese, iron, folate and the list goes on! These nutrients improve maternal health, support eye health and give you strong bones. You can cook freekeh with any dish by substituting it for other grains or pasta.

Freekeh directions
1:1 ratio of freekeh and water
1. Pour 1 cup water into a saucepan, add 1 cup freekeh and boil water
2. Turn down heat and cook for ~15 minutes or until soft

Freekeh Mexican Bowl
Serves 3-4
1.5 cup freekeh
1.5 cup water
1 tsp turmeric
1 tbsp. cumin
1 tbsp. paprika
1 cloves garlic
1 small white onion
2 cups tomato’s (or 1 can of tomato’s)
1 small eggplant
1 white potato
1 medium sweet potato
1 can red kidney beans
1 cup corn

1. Cook Freekeh according to above instructions
2. Cut onion and place onion, spices, garlic and a dash of water into a frypan and cook until onion is brown (you may need more water or sub for oil)
3. Add sweet potato and white potato and cook for ~10 minutes or until soft
4. Add remaining ingredients and cook for 5 minutes on low. You may need to add water if if mixture is drying
5. Serve over greens and freekeh and enjoy!