My Goto Simple Lunch

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Its spring now which means it will be mango season soon and its perfect weather for salad. I am pretty lazy when it comes to my lunch. I love to prep my lunches at the start of the week to make my life easier but if I don’t have time I will just grab anything and everything that is in the fridge, add a grain, some leafy greens, of course plenty of hummus and I am one happy girl!

Only 7% of Australians eat the reccomended 5 serves of veggies each day! Eating your veggies doesn’t have to be a chore. I challenge you to add just 2 serves of veggies to your meals each day, this will benefit you health in so many ways. Vegetables are full of goodness that helps your energy levels, keeps your regular, helps hair and nail growth, assists your immune system, helps memory and brain function and so much more! They have endless benefits and can taste delicious! Bake some sweet potato and sprinkle with paprika, cut up your broccoli and add it to your lunch, you won’t even know you are eating it.

My lunch typically looks like this:
A big handful of leafy greens – Kale and spinach are my goto
1/2 cup grain and legumes – Quinoa, chickpeas, black beans or rice (I love black rice)
1 – 2 raw cruciferous vegetables – Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and plenty more!
2 – 3 Starchy veggies – Sweet potato, corn, peas or pumpkin
Seeds – Pumpkin, hemp, sesame or sunflower seeds (any will do!)
Dressing – Usually oil free, hummus, tamari, homemade satay, lemon juice, smashed avo with lime or chilli tahini

Adding just one meal like this to your weekly diet is cost effective and great for your health!