Marathon Training

As many of you may know I am currently training for a marathon! I love running, I use running for relaxation, fitness, self actualisation and many more reasons!  I have always wanted to push myself to  compete in a marathon and for the last 6 months I have been logging crazy Kms each week (+70km) to make sure my body and mind can last the distance. I have loved every kilometre, early in the morning, pouring rain or 100% humidity. I truly believe that consistency and persistency will get you the results you deserve! No matter the challenge.


I ask you to please support me by donating to EON foundation in the link below. EON is an incedible foundation which uses sustainable nutrition to improve Indigenous students health and education capabilities, from teaching maths to improving the students hearing, and decreasing risk of diseases later in life like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Thank you all for your continued support!